If Our Life Are For Rent And We Don’t Learn To Buy

I was on my way back to Kuala Terengganu from Cherating today when I really wanted to stop for some shootings at Pantai Kemasik, Kemaman. I’ve been driving on that same route from and to KL for several times before, but never had a chance to have a peek on this area.

Basically it’s a ordinary fisherman village but with an extra-ordinary view.

I love the coastline. The fishing boats being moored to the sandy beach. I’ll definitely go further in focusing my self to cover on this particular subject next time.

I was busy taking some photos of the coconut tree when I saw a guy in his late 40’s is scooping sand nearby. I approached and greet him. Introduced my self and he told me his name is Zamri. I asked for a permission to take some photos of the thing that he’s doing. And my permission was granted. But he humbly gave me an excuse after I ask to take a portrait of him.


The song? I was listening to it after continuing my driving. Love the lyrics. Love the song. She’s a good singer and songwriter.


All shots were taken with my Fujifilm X100. I really really love this camera. I took more shots than with my previous gear. What more can I say than some good shots to be shared. Cheers!






.current.song. – .life.for.rent.by.dido.




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