Continuation – Old Me (Part Three)

I am waiting for my very first roll with my Electro 35GS to be developed. Wondering how will it be :)

Basically just browsing through some old shots back when I was still shooting with my D40 and did some post editing (CS5).

It’s really amazing to realize on how BIG you’ve grown. How much time you’ve spent after all these years. How your self development being in UP and DOWN of your life. It amazes me and that can easily happened to me by just looking back to my ‘Old’ photos in my hard disk.

My current assignment (assigned by my self) is to compile all of my old stuffs and print them out for my family album. Hmm, can I call it the re-construction of my previous long backdated new year resolution? Yeah, absolutely…!

The continuation of my previous ‘Old Me’  


Missing my wife so much. (She’s on the way going back to Texas)

Missing my daughter so much. (She’s way back at home)

For the Love Of My Life,
You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You’ll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away



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