Coloured By Colourful


Hmm, I am going to sell this camera (fujifilm x100) soon. Guess this will be some of my final shots with one of the best camera I ever own. Love the ISO performance (coz I really hate using of Flash), the look and also the weight (mobility) of it. Looking forward in getting hold of a new camera sometimes early next year. Already have in mind on which one will replace this fuji. Anyway, I’ll definitely miss this camera. But I have to let it go in order to have a minimum camera(s) in my bag for shooting later on. Adios buddy!

For the song? I don’t know why but in all of a sudden I kinda started listening to some ‘back to the future’ songs. And this (wherever you will go) is one of them hahah! :P ???

. fujifilm x100 . kampung cina . kuala terengganu . malaysia .

. current song . – . wherever you will go . by . the calling .

. the other tuesday .


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