Escalators – It’s Been A While

It’s been a while, but I can still remember just the way you taste – staind

I have started scanning my old collection of film rolls. And I finally managed to develop the Black and White films on my own; it’s not that difficult though, plus it is fun. I always known for sure that to look back at the old day’s photos just to find there are some good shots could be found. Here are some of them.

For the current long due project, it is back on track (at least). Still having to find some available windows and time frames to get them materialised.




. ricoh gr1s . ilford hp5 . isetan klcc . kuala lumpur . malaysia .

. current song . – . don’t rescue me . by . willie’s nerve clinic .

. the other tuesday .


I Shoot Black & White Therefore I Am

For the love of Black & White photography.



. fujifilm x100 . rumah kedai . kampung cina . kuala terengganu . malaysia .

. current song . – . melastik ke bintang . by . search .

. the other tuesday.


Coloured By Colourful


Hmm, I am going to sell this camera (fujifilm x100) soon. Guess this will be some of my final shots with one of the best camera I ever own. Love the ISO performance (coz I really hate using of Flash), the look and also the weight (mobility) of it. Looking forward in getting hold of a new camera sometimes early next year. Already have in mind on which one will replace this fuji. Anyway, I’ll definitely miss this camera. But I have to let it go in order to have a minimum camera(s) in my bag for shooting later on. Adios buddy!

For the song? I don’t know why but in all of a sudden I kinda started listening to some ‘back to the future’ songs. And this (wherever you will go) is one of them hahah! :P ???

. fujifilm x100 . kampung cina . kuala terengganu . malaysia .

. current song . – . wherever you will go . by . the calling .

. the other tuesday .